Thursday, March 31, 2011

The March Project, part 2

The March Project is swinging on towards a triumphant finish here. I have been working out at least 3 days a week for the entire month of March and I feel great! At least, I did, until today. I was getting a little cocky. After all, I've been attending Nand, Becky and Deanne's classes all month regularly. I should be building some muscle, some endurance, right?

So tonight, I decided to go for the holy grail of YMCA fitness classes...Karlton's Klass. You'll notice that, while all the other instructors have generic, YMCA issued class names, Karlton's is named after him. Plus, he has the whole K theme going on there with the Klass. Karlton's Klass is held just before one of my old lady classes that I religiously attend, so I see them, every week, with the sweat coming through their t-shirts and their extremely flushed faces as they leave Klass, looking as though they are high on mad illegal endorphins. Karlton even winked at me one day, as he left, as though to say, "yeah, keep on coming to your little old lady Klass would KILL you!". I always thought...One day, I'll be ready for Karlton. he'll never be ready for ME though.

Well, today was that day. And Karlton Killed me in his Klass. I actually thought I was in danger of suffering a cardiac arrest. In fact, I longingly thought, at one point, of how cool it would be (kool) if someone ELSE suffered a cardiac arrest, because then I could perform life-saving resuscitation efforts on them, plus I wouldn't have to do any more mountain climbers. Actually, to be honest with you, Karlton isn't that Kool. He and Mr. Zerrahn from middle school gym class could have been teaching the same stupid Klass. And I didn't like it any more this time than I did back in the 8th grade. I felt like that same geeky un-athletic girl who would surreptitiously drop down to her hands and knees after one push-up while the gym teacher looked disgustedly on. When Karlton finally called an end to his endless drills, and ordered us all to grab 3-5 pound dumbbells and head outside for the "neighborhood mile" I slinked off to child watch to collect my spawn and escape. With my double stroller and two children. Karlton caught me on his way back in, after having run, presumably, a 2 minute mile (with his stinkin' perfectly formed calf muscles). He smiled and...winked. Jerk.

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Hugo said...

I'm very proud of you sweety. You got to go back to karlton's class and show him you are not afraid!