Wednesday, July 14, 2010


The other day Sofia started using the word "duppy" quite frequently. It's not the first word she's invented. Anyone who has hung out with us knows about her "deedly deedly doodly doodly" sing song voice that she speaks in. It's a largely self-invented language in which she makes up a rather convincing sounding sentence, finishing with a single comprehensible word which may lead the listener to assume that he or she simply didn't understand the first part, but that it was indeed a complete thought. This is ever so slowly morphing into scarily complete sounding sentences as she has begun to fill in the doodly doodly parts of the phrases with actual, discernible, honest to goodness words. Duppy, though. Duppy is her own word. She invented it to describe the action of bending the knees, then extending them in a sudden motion that results in a short separation from firm ground into the air. Jump?, you say? Yeah, sort of. Duppy. She hops around in the house saying duppy duppy. She holds my hand when we are crossing the parking lot and spontaneously duppies every few steps. I was able to successfully teach her not to duppy her way down the stairs. However, she now walks solemnly down the stairs, one step at a time, and when she reaches the last step, she yells "duppy!!!" and rockets off the last step onto the floor. So stinking cute.

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cathsheard said...

Just found you via bloginterviewer. Glad I did. Going to spend some time catching some of your older posts.