Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Drama Queen

Sofia is a major drama queen. I woke up from a sound sleep yesterday (it was 11:30 AM and I worked the night before, so I was sleeping) to the sound of Sofia screaming. Hugo was down there with her and I figured he probably had it under control, so I tried to go back to sleep. She continued to cry in various degrees of distress for about 45 minutes, so finally I went downstairs to investigate. Hugo informed me that she had scraped her knee on the sidewalk outside and was having a hard time moving on. He had kissed it, applied antibiotic ointment, given her tylenol and a sippy cup with milk all to no avail. He had her favorite program on the television, one she usually only gets to watch at bedtime. She was still freaking out.

My appearance on the scene did not help matters, I'm sorry to say. Her wails began again with new urgency. I cuddled her and fussed over her for a good hour to give Hugo a break, and then retired back to my room. After all, I had to go back to work that night. Later on that afternoon, I woke up to the sounds of her crying again. She had finally passed out from shear exhaustion, and upon waking from her nap the drama began once again. Good Lord! If you've ever seen a 2 year old limping you might know what I mean. It was adorable and pathetic.

She has used the experience to add a very important word to her vocabulary...booboo. For those who have heard her speaking in her own little language, I will try to approximate what she sounded like. "Diddly diddly BOO BOO, Mama. Deedly Deedly BOO BOO." Hopefully by the time I get home from work this morning she will be sufficiently recovered from her trauma. I love her in the morning. She almost always wakes up in a good mood. I certainly hope she retains that quality as she grows.

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Val said...

LMBO!! Tylenol!! And I had to force you to medicate her when she had a fever in FL that time?