Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pictures! Pictures!

This was less than a week before Fiona arrived. As you can see, I was about ready to pop.

This is a gross picture. However, it is notable for several reasons.
1. I was in labor and less than 8 hours away from giving birth to my second child.
2. I had Mcdonald's the day before Sofia was born too. And I RARELY eat Mcdonald's. We should post a warning on the label..."FDA WARNING: Women have been known to poop out babies as a result of eating this processed, sodium ridden, highly caloric junk.
3. It was Sofia's first Happy Meal. She is still playing with the stupid arm bangles that came with it a month and a half later.

Oh yeah, I was contracting every 8 minutes or so and I still had a smile on. How Duggar of me!

Sofia at the park. Wierd shot, but there's something about it I like.

Peekaboo! That one never gets old.

Awwwwe, what a cute daddy!

Gawd, I wish my parents would quit starting fires and setting off the fire alarm... I'm exhausted!

Luckily, the markers I bought are washable.

Something about that high chair. She always needs a full on bath after spending a little time in it.

Fiona was 3 days old here. We went over to Keith and Rondai's and Hugo took Sofia in the pool.

Doctor Mas graciously agreed to pose with her two favorite little patients (at least they better be...)

Sofia is wearing her "Big Sisters are the Coolest" shirt proudly.

Fiona looks like Maggie from the Simpsons here, doesn't she?

This is what happens when computer programmers become GUITAR HEROES!!! I think he forgot to remove his pocket protector...

The wammy bar requires extra concentration.

Sofia is every daddy's favorite groupy.