Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fiona's First Two Weeks

Well, its been two weeks and Fiona is doing fabulously. She has taken to breastfeeding in a big way and is subsequently gaining weight at a fast clip. Hugo is off work for another week and having him at home with me has been a big help. He's gotten really good at staring disapprovingly at me whenever I pick Sofia up. I can't help it though. She's still a baby. She needs her mom and she's used to being carried by me. I did it through 9 months of pregnancy, as awkward and uncomfortable as it may have been at times and I can't stop now, just because my uterus might prolapse and I might suffer from life-long incontinance as a result.

Today I had my first glimpse of what life will be like after Hugo returns to work. He had gone out to return a movie and gas up the car and I was home alone with the girls. Both were sound asleep when he left. No sooner had he gone then both woke up and started crying. Sofia was crying because she's cutting a tooth and suffering from a terrible cold/ear infection/possibly swine flu right now. Fiona was crying because she's a newborn baby and when she wakes up she expects a boob to be immediately thrust into her mouth. I was torn. Sofia needed me more for emotional reasons, while Fiona needed her physical needs met. Was I to ignore Sofia's needs simply because Maslow's hierarchy of need pyramid places food and shelter needs above love and belonging needs in terms of importance? I couldn't do it. I ended up stacking the two of them on my lap, Sofia sprawled across my lap with a bottle, and Fiona held just above her so she would have access to my maternal food-providing equipment. At this point, I realized that its a really good thing I like my couch, because it looks like I'm going to spend a lot of time parked on it for the next 6 months or so. Hugo said he had a similar moment a few mornings ago when the two of them woke up and were hungry and he was trying to let me sleep. He had Sofia in her high chair and was feeding her breakfast while holding Fiona in his lap and giving her a bottle at the same time. Yes, we are both college educated, professional, fairly intelligent human beings. And I am aware that many people before us have succesfully given birth to and parented children in the past. Maybe I am totally melodramatic to even bother writing a blog about how I succesfully breastfed my 2 week old while simultaneously giving a bottle to (and comforting) my 16 month old. Whatever. Its the biggest challenge I've ever taken on. And if I want to make a big thing out of it, I will.

I have also begun to take an assembly-line approach to diaper changing. Between changing diapers and feeding the two of them, I don't see myself getting much else done after Hugo goes back to work. I have said it before and I'll say it again...that Duggar lady is frickin nuts!