Wednesday, June 17, 2009

This Tuesday

I find that stuff happens on Tuesdays that I need to blog about. The kind of stuff that one needs to find a way to purge their soul of. Some people would write about it in their diary, some people would talk about it to their therapist or priest, others would just stew over it and then let it go. Me, I blog. I really don't even care if nobody ever reads it. Just kidding. I want everyone to know what a basketcase I am.
Tuesdays are a little stressful for me to begin with, because my work week ends on Tuesday morning and I only have a sitter until 2 PM, so I get about 5 or 6 hours of sleep if I'm lucky and I have to get up and function for the rest of the day. I've talked about it before.
This Tuesday, I found out upon waking up that my babysitter has decided to move back to Lakeland with her parents, and presumably will not be commuting to her babysitting job for us, so in a month I will be sitterless. My darling Sofia will be caregiverless. Oh no. I handled it fairly well, though and put it on my mental list of things to freak out about in about 3 and a half weeks.
When 6 O'Clock rolled around, I started to think about food, and what I would be feeding my family for dinner. I didn't feel like doing much, so after vacillating between the freezer, refrigerator and cupboards for about 15 minutes, I settled on a very easy menu plan for dinner. I had a thing of Velveeta Shells and Cheese. Easy. Not very nutritious, but easy. And tasty too. I also had chicken breasts in the frig. that really needed to be used up since I bought them about 5 days ago, so I decided I would sautee it in olive oil and cut it up into chunks and add it to the Velveeta, to dress it up a little. Not to mention make it a little more substantial of a meal for my meat and potatoes loving husband. I also had some delightful vegetable sides in my freezer. Birds Eye makes them and they come in this balck dish that you put right in the microwave and the veggies cook up perfectly, all dressed in a delicious savoury sauce. I pulled out the brussels sprouts one and stuck it in the microwave.
With dinner well underway and Hugo now home to entertain the baby, I took the chicken breasts off the stove and transferred them to a plate with a piece of paper towel to drain any excess oil before I added them to the macaroni and cheese. Luckily, I decided to try a chunk before I actually added them and it tasted awful! Rotten chicken is the worst. I spit it out and threw the rest into the trash. So much for that chicken. I decided that plain old Velveeta would have to suffice.
I took the brussels sprouts out of the microwave and took off the plastic film covering the dish. Hugo was watching Rachel Ray on the Food Network in the living room, and she was making something that had bacon in it. She said, "I don't know about you, but I don't think there's anything as good as the smell of bacon cooking..." Hugo got the strangest sensation just at that moment, because he swore he could smell bacon right then and there, but knew better than to think that such a thing was possible, because his wife is vehemently opposed to any pork products whatsoever and would never countanance the cooking of such a thing as bacon in her kitchen.
Well, meanwhile, in the kitchen, I was about to discover that the delightful savoury sauce that my brussels sprouts were served in was actually liberally endowed with real bacon. It really bugs the crap out of me when you innocently assume something that should be an entirely vegetable product turns out to have bacon in it. I forget to check sometimes and then stuff like this happens. Then, I dropped the spoon, coated in bacon sauce, on the kitchwen floor and had to bend over to wipe up the mess and then haul my considerable girth back up to a standing position. It was about this time that I said a VERY BAD WORD. Then, because I'm 6 months pregnant, I burst into tears. Hugo was just getting the baby settled into her high chair for dinner and bewilderedly asked, "What's wrong?"
"These damn brussels sprouts have BACON in them!" I burst out hysterically. Of course, I didn't have time to outline all the other things that had lead up to that being the straw that broke the camels back, so he was understandably mystified. However, he handled it with aplomb, assuring me that he had no problem with bacon in the brussels sprouts and promising to take me out for something later if I was still hungry.
After such a disastrous dinner experience, things started to look up. Hugo took me to Target, got me a pretzel and an ICEE (the perfect meal as far as this pregnant girl is concerned), and we picked out some new toys for Sofia, as well as a new pair of pajamas and a new, much lighter stroller so I won't give myself a hernia trying to load and unload it into the car. Then we stopped at the video store on the way home (haha, even though we haven't rented a video in years, I still call it the video store, much to Hugo's amusement) and rented some movies. I managed to stay awake until midnight and then went to bed and slept like a baby.
So that was my Tuesday. Wonder what delightful things will happen to make me curse and cry next Tuesday?...


Val said...

Remember that one time, at my house, when the meatloaf had bacon in it? lol


xraycher said...

Well, I am surprised to read that some of the health message we drilled into you as a child has actually stuck! You will never be sorry for it. I am sorry to hear about Sfia's babysitter but I think you had better not wait till 3 1/2 weeks from now to solve that one! Take a pic of your considerable girth. I would like to see it!