Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Disney Pics

Its a small world...

Really, it is. I remember thinking my parents were such dorks because they got so excited about bringing us on "Its a Small World" the first time we went to Disney. They thought it was so cool that they had gone on the ride as youngsters at the World's Fair back in 1885 or so, and now they were bringing us on it at Disney. Well, now I have brought my offspring on it as well and, well, it was kinda cool.

Overlooking the (man-made) lagoon at our resort. I don't look too pregnant here, do I?

Even here, you can just see a gentle roundness in the abdominal region. Not too bad.

Here I'm using a classic "cover the future baby up with the existing one" trick to conceal the bulge. One of the best reasons for having your second while your first is still small enough to lift and carry.

Whoops. That Hugo. He couldn't resist catching one from the side. There's no hiding it there.

My little princess was such a good girl all day at Disney. And luckily, she seems to have inherited a certain, shall we say, skin tone benefit, from her dad's side of the family. No sunburn for her. At least that made one of us.

Epcot isn't all that entertaining for 1 year-olds. But she tolerated it for our benefit. Until the fireworks at the end of the night. She wasn't thrilled about those.

Magic Kingdom was much more her style. She rode the carousel...

And Dumbo. On Dumbo, she seemed less than entertained. She was just like, "Oh well, if mom wants to go on this thing that goes up and down, I guess I'll humour her..."
We enjoyed staying at one ofthe Disney Resorts and we took the opportunity of our weekend trip to travel around and see a few of the other resorts as well. The Grand Floridian was beautiful and we decided we would love to go back and stay there sometime.
All in all, though it was just a short weekend excursion, we had a grand time and can't wait to go back someday and see it all again! Originally, we were thinking about doing a short cruise, since I had requested the time off and we wanted to do something fun that wouldn't require driving more than a few hours. Unfortunately, I found out that pregnant women aren't allowed to cruise past the 24th week and I was officially past that mark. So Disney was the next best option. The cruise will have to wait a year or so, because babies aren't allowed to cruise until they reach 6 months of age, so that will count us out once Chumby Pumby '09 makes his or her official debut.

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Val said...

Aw fun!! I'm bringing some maternity clothes to West By god for you.

PS- the pump got here today. Love the onesie!