Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The Good and the Bad of Life

Good: I got to order my Kitchenaid food processor today. Hugo made me do many hours (aka at least 20 minutes) of painful research before he would allow me to choose between the Cuisinart and the Kitchenaid brands. I found out that, though both are considered to be extremely good food processors, the Kitchenaid slightly edged out the Cuisinart in both ease of use and customer service. I'm going to make pie crusts and spinach artichoke dip as soon as I get it. Maybe I'll make a spinach artichoke pie. That would be yummy.
Bad: I can't afford to buy the Kitchenaid stand mixer to go with the food processor. I had to choose one or the other for now and since I have a hand mixer which will suffice for my mixing needs for the time being, I chose the food processor. It was a difficult, heartwrenching decision. Who knows when I'll get around to buying the mixer? Hopefully by Christmas. That's the only time I ever do any real cooking anyway.
Good: My new Prius. Its not really new. Its a 2008. But it looks new. And its new to me. And its a heck of a lot newer than Hugo's stinky old Celica with the convertable top that leaked whenever it rained. I hated driving that thing to work.
Bad: The Murano has to go in for its 36,000 mile service at the dealer. This is one of the expenses that I would probably "defer" if given the chance, but Hugo is a stickler for car maintenance. Bleh.
Good: Sick patients. I love sick patients.
Bad: Crazy patients. I really hate crazy patients. I'm just not cut out for mental health nursing. Unfortunately, it seems that, although I work in critical care (read; sick patients) some physicians think of my unit as the psych unit (read; crazy patients) and I get stuck taking care of all kinds of wierdos. My patient last night kept insisting that the telemetry wires attached to his chest were "live wires" that were going to electrocute him. For two nights in a row I had spent considerable time trying to convince him, in my most soothing possible tone, that the wires were absolutely not capable of shocking him and were in fact entirely benign. By about 5:30 this morning though, my patience was running very thin (especially after his mother called and notified us that he had been calling her from his phone in the room and telling her that he was outside of the hospital with one of the doctors and they were watching a young couple making love in the street). He called me into his room for some ridiculous pretense of a problem and casually mentioned the live wires with the electric charge that were in his bed (since he had helpfully removed them from his chest where they were supposed to be monitoring his heart). "Those are NOT live wires!" I snapped, as Nurse Betty turned into Nurse Ratched in the blink of an eye. "Believe me, if we electric charge you, you'll know it!" Aside from the grammatically incorrect nature of this comment (which isn't like me at all) my tone was enough to cause considerable hilarity from Kayla, who was sitting close enough to hear the exchange. Between my crazy patient and hers, we were both ready to have ourselves committed by the end of the shift.
Good: Being able to eat whatever you want cause you're pregnant.
Bad: Being nauseated (even at 21 weeks) no matter what you eat or don't eat.

"We got no FOOD, we got no JOBS, our pets HEADS are fallin' off!..." Kayla reminded me last night that Dumb and Dumber is one of the most hilarious movies of all time. I'm watching it right now.


Val said...

I like the crazies.

You just have to learn the fine art of fantasy validation. The appropriate response to this particular man would have been, "Why yes, sir, I do see the live wires. What you need to do is sit as still as possible and avoid talking at all, for those things will surely set the juice off. I'll be back to check on you in 2 hours. :-)"

Lauren Ochoa said...

Haha. And you talk about MY poor bedside manner...