Friday, April 10, 2009

Vanity, thy name is...Sofia

I have a very conceited child. At 10 and a half months she has developed a real ego. Lately, whenever she gets a little cranky (which is frequently, since she is apparently the world's SLOWEST teether), all I have to do is hold her up in front of her favorite picture and her whines and whimpers are quickly reversed into smiles and giggles. Her favorite picture of herself that is.
I realized this one night when I was trying to get my very tired and very cranky baby to go to sleep. I was in the living room, holding her up against my chest and jiggling her up and down as she tried to contort herself into an unwieldy enough position so that I would put her down. Suddenly, she relaxed and I thought for sure she was finally dozing off. I shifted her just enough so I could see her face to verify that her eyes were closed and instead of closed eyes I saw that she was grinning adorably at a picture of herself hanging on the wall.
Ever since then, whenever I want to turn that frown upside down, I know I need to hoist her up in front of the wall where her Valentine's Day picture is displayed and like magic...poof! A wonderful, gummy smile ensues. What a stinker.


Val said...

Put a mirror in her crib. :-)

Rene' said...

thats my girl....