Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Tuesday is Zombie Day

Since Monday night is my Friday at work (don't ask...it gets complicated) I always face a terrible dilemma on Tuesdays. What I want to do is go to sleep and stay in bed, preferably all day until I feel well rested again. That usually occurs around 8 PM, at which point I am fully recharged and ready to go...just in time for everyone else in the world to get ready for bed. Then I stay up for a few hours, try to go to bed with Hugo, and end up wide awake all night. Thus begins a cycle of being awake all night for the rest of the week and wanting to sleep all day.

That might work for some people; in fact the majority of people I know who have succesfully worked nights for many years (without ever going on a homicidal killing streak) simply do that all the time. For someone who has a baby to take care of, that is not an acceptable solution to the problem. See, the problem is, I can usually get her to go down for a nice long nap just after the babysitter leaves on Tuesdays, which allows me to go back to sleep, often until Hugo gets home from work. Then I can lounge around on the couch dozing on and off for several more hours. I can get away with it for that one day. But there's no babysitter coming on Wednesday.

So a much BETTER solution to the dilemma is to sleep for 4 or 5 hours on Tuesday, when I get off work, and then force myself to stay awake until 10 or 11. If I can do that than I will go to bed exhausted, sleep all night, and quite possible, wake up feeling refreshed and reset for the week. That solution requires self-control which I don't have. I CANNOT stay in the house all day on Tuesday, putting the baby down for her nap, and not go to sleep myself. I'll lay down on the couch to "watch tv" and next thing I know, its 9:30 at night and I'm rarin to go.

So I have taken to forcing myself to partake in activities on Tuesdays. Last week we went to the mall when Hugo got off work and I stumbled around the place blearily. I invited some friends over for lunch one week and I'm sure I was a really stimulating hostess. Today, I took the baby and went to La Fiesta, a local Mexican restaurant. Then I went grocery shopping and bought a whole bunch of stuff we probably don't need. When I got home the baby was sleeping. DANGER ZONE!!! I immediately proceeded into the kitchen and made a new recipe. Asian marinated chicken thighs with vegetable potstickers. I'm going to put the chicken on skewers and grill it. I got the idea from Guy's Big Bite on the Food Network. Some days I just take to scrolling through my cell phone and calling random people I haven't spoken to in a long time. I'm sure they love that.

The good news is, its 5:30 and I have succesfully made it through most of the day. So maybe, just maybe, my mission will be a success this week.


Val said...

I have this issue too. At least when we're done being knocked up, we can rely on pharmaceuticals to put us to sleep at night after sleeping all day. That's my favorite way to address the issue.

Lauren Ochoa said...

Tell me about it. Maybe if I was suitably dosed up with Ambien to begin with, we wouldn't be in this predicament at all (hehe)

Val said...

I dunno... that wouldn't deter Mark.