Monday, April 13, 2009

Picture Time

On Friday I took Sofia to the mall in hopes of getting a picture of her with the Easter Bunny. First, I took her all over the mall in search of a cute and thriftily priced dress to put her in for the event. I really didn't feel like spending 30 dollars or more on a dress since we weren't even planning on doing anything for Easter. The dress would be for the sole purpose of getting her picture take with Peter Cottontail. I finally found a darling dress at Macy's that was white with yellow polka dots and pink buttons. It was perfect for the occasion. I spent 12 dollars on it. We then proceeded to the Easter Bunny area where we encountered a sign saying that the Easter Bunny was on break (apparently he belongs to the Easter Bunny Union, which is downright militant about enforcing breaks for its members) and he would be back in 15 minutes. We got in line and waited. 15 minutes later, some hussy comes along and informs us that the Easter Bunny was "hot" and "didn't feel well" so he was going to go ahead and take his lunch break and wouldn't be back for another hour and 15 minutes. The long and the short of it is A. We didn't get the picture after all. B. I'm thinking of a career change. That Easter Bunny has got the easiest gig in town.
Here's some other pictures instead.

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Val said...

Well, where's her new dress?