Thursday, March 5, 2009

Sofia's Nicknames

OK, here is a list that I fear is far from exhaustive. I have to keep track of all these ones so we can make sure we don't accidentally call the new baby by one of Sofia's nicknames. She has several of them copyrighted. Or is it trademarked? Whatever. Right now, she's sucking on a bandaid that she pulled out of the box. I just had to take it away from her (its so soggy at this point, I'm afraid she might actually ingest it). She's not too happy about that.
Sofia's number one nickname is Chumby Pumby. Hugo came up with that one. I'm not sure what it means but it fits her to a tee. He Googled it the other day and didn't come up with any hits.
Muffin (that one is mine and it is the base for many of the ones that follow).
Muffy McMufferton (Her Scottish nickname).
Muffin Top (more appropriate would be the reason-for-my-muffin-top).
Muffy McStink (when she has something in her diaper).
Chumby McPumberton (a Scottish variation of her Colombian nickname).
Sofia Pepita


Anonymous said...

So the appe does not fall far from the tree when it comes to nicknames, clementine!

Rene' said...

In case you were wondering, "Muffin" came from me...It's what I've called Gia since the the day she was born, along with "Cookie" and "Hoonker Noonker"...ur lucky Sofia is her FAV cuz, and Gia doesn't mind sharing her nickname with her!!! LOL