Sunday, March 29, 2009

My Favorites

I love to make lists, and I love to expostulate on my favorite things. Expostulate or pontificate? I think either would work here.
Favorite Show
Suze Ormond. If I listened to everything she said, I would be rich. Wealthy.
The Pioneer Woman. I check her site out daily. I quote her frequently, to people who have no idea who she is. I convert non-believers into followers of her blog whenever possible. I cook her recipes whenever they don't contain disgusting meat componants. I even had a dream that I went and visited her on her ranch one time. Wierd.
Outlander by Diana Gabaldon. I love that whole series. Hugo recently caught me reading the first book AGAIN and said, You're reading it AGAIN? I even bought the unabridged audio version (read by a fabulous lady named Davina Porter) on ITunes and made Hugo listen to the whole thing with me. We've made it as far as the 3rd book on trips and stuff. Don't let him fool you. He LOVES it. His favorite thing to say to me lately is, "Christ Sassanach." You have to read it. Go. Read it now. It will only take up about 6 months of your day.
Sofia. I'm having a really hard time contemplating what I'll name the next one if it turns out to be a girl, because I just can't think of anything I like as much as Sofia. Nothing feels right. Sofia was Sofia right from the very moment I found out she was a girl. I'd love a few suggestions.
Pasta. I love pasta in all its different forms. I could eat it every single day and not get tired of it. That's how Hugo feels about rice and potatoes, but since I do the shopping and cooking, I get to choose the starch. Guess what we have most of the time? My favorite pasta dish of all time comes from Everyday Italian on the Food Network. All you do is cook up some bowties, reserve a small amount of the pasta water and then throw the pasta over a bed of baby butter lettuce (I know, wierd, huh?). Then you toss in some pine nuts, sundried tomatoes, goat cheese, and parmesan and a little of the pasta water and toss it all together. Delicious. I could eat some right now. Damn. Why do I have to think about food all the time?
Place to Go on Vacation
I could make a case for every single place I've ever been, including Chincoteague Island, where I went on vacation with my college boyfriend and his family and got into a fight over the moped we rented and drove away, stranding him in the middle of the village for a short time, but I would have to go with the Keys as my all time favorite. Its so beautiful, yet so laid back. So warm, yet rarely hot. So exotic, yet so only 10 hours by car away.
Restaurant Chain
Sorry Mom, I'm gonna have to go with Dad on this one and say Carabba's. Even though they betrayed me by removing the tiramisou from the dessert menu while I was in full-on pregnancy craving mode one night and Hugo was even willing to drive all the way across town to get me a piece.
Fast Food
Zaxby's. Oh, I'm sorry. You don't have a Zaxby's near you? Boo Hoo for you. Because they have the very best chicken sandwiches in the world and we have two of them here in Gainesville. One of them is right on my way to work. MMMMM. I would open my own Zaxby's if I could (you have to have 600,000 dollars of net worth to qualify for a franchise. Anyone want to finance me?). Then again, I also love me so Jimmy John's. They have the best vegetarian sub in the world. I would open a Jimmy John's if I could, too. Only, if I did either of those things, I would quickly balloon in the most unattractive way. Better stick with nursing. Though us night shift nurses tend to be a little on the hefty side as well. Must be all that Zaxby's we stop for on our way to work every night.
Chocolate bread pudding from Stonewood. I never would have thought to try something with the words bread and pudding in the title, but boy is this delicious. Its like a giant cross between a brownie and a fudgy cake, with a giant scoop of vanilla ice cream on it and a giant chocolate crispy thing stuck on top. Its drowned in a warm sauce that consists of mostly butter and some kind of liquor. It gave me a massive gall bladder attack and almost put me back into the hospital after Sofia was born, but I didn't hold a grudge. I still love it. Enough food. I'm getting hungry.
Kind of Patient to Take Care Of
All my colleagues laugh hysterically at me when I say this (and think I'm being sarcastic) but GI bleeders. I will take a GI bleeder over a stroke or a COPD'er any day. Although they are kind of gross to take care of (what with the pooping and throwing up blood and everything) they are generally really sick when they come in and you have to run around like crazy, pumping blood back into them, sticking NG tubes down their noses, starting central lines and running multiple IV drips and so on and so forth. They are too sick to complain about stuff like the loudness at the nurses station (have I mentioned that my indoor voice kind of sucks, which makes me a bad night shift nurse?), the lack of good food (the last thing these people want is food) and the wierd pain in the arch of their left food that they have been having for the past 14 years, but now that they are in the hospital for something totally unrelated, would like you to call the doctor at 2 oclock in the morning to let him know about it and see if there is anything they can get for it. Also, the whole cleaning up their bloody poop thing earns you their undying gratitude and devotion. And they get better. Watch a COPD'er accomplish that feat. Its nice to have a patient who comes in really sick and gets better, thanks to good nursing care. So refreshing.
My favorite husband is Hugo. Hands down. I know, he's my only husband. But if I was a polygamist (or whatever they call women who marry several men) I'm pretty sure he would still be my favorite. He's just right. Tonight I couldn't sleep because there was a horrific thunderstorm and he got up with me at 3 in the morning and shared a sandwich with me. A turkey reuben. I've never made a turkey reuben before, but it came out pretty good. Oh wait. I said no more food, didn't I?
Somewhere, from West Side Story, as sung by Barbara Streisand. I know, totally '80's with the synthesizer and everything. But I love it.
29. Which I am right now. When I was younger, my older sisters used to torment me and make my life a living hell, but I got the last laugh because they're both in their thirties already and I'm still in my twenties. Haha.
That's enough favorites for now. Until next time...

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Val said...

I thought my blog was your favorite. :-(

I have a girl name, but I think I'm going o save it in case some kind of miracle ever happens and I somehow end up with a girl even after my tubal. Or if I get a girl puppy? lol

The 30's rock. There is a real sense of validation as far as actually being a grown up once you hit 30. You 20 something pups just wouldn't get it. :-)