Wednesday, January 14, 2009

You might be the mother of an 8 month old if...

...your living room looks like this.

...You FINALLY just got back into your pre-pregnancy jeans.
...buying cute outfits for yourself has been replaced by buying cute outfits for the baby.
...your biggest entertainment value these days lies within the reportoire of different air-fart noises you can make.
...the toys that make noise are finally starting to get to you.
...your biggest consideration when picking out a new purse is whether you can fit diapers and wipes, a few small toys, some biter biscuits and a bottle in it.
...You've suffered several small heart attacks when the baby decided to take an unexpected flying leap off the edge of the bed. have an intimate knowledge of the steps required for giving the baby Heimlich maneuver.
...staying home suddenly has its advantages.
...despite all your best efforts, you have watched your baby contort herself in the grocery cart in order to put her mouth around the disgusting, germ infested siderail and proceed to...suck...on it. have known the delight of a child at her first taste of ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate pudding, etc... and suddenly you know why people insist on giving babies food that isn't good for them.

Kisses to all. New pictures coming later on today.

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Val said...

I'm glad you finally figured out the baby heimlich.