Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Many Expressions of Sofia

Some of them anyway. She really has too many to categorize in one posting. I feel a multi-part series coming on...

...But first, a sequence of events.

"My mom is watching the Home Shopping Network. I feel inspired to do some shopping as well."

By the way Sofia, Gram called. She wants her pants back.

"Hey, I could get used to this. Now where's Daddy's credit card?"

" I'm getting a little ahead of myself here. I forgot... I can't walk yet."

"Woops! Whoa!!!! Can I get a little help here? Mom? Ya wanna get that thing off your face and help me out?"

"In some countries, drooling is considered a compliment to the chef..."

"I hate it when my mom puts me in these long skinny pj's that accentuate my abnormal length"

"This is MY corner! Unprotected electrical outlet and all! I will defend it to the death!"

"You think I got this big on skim? Full fat baby! Bring it on!" Mind you, this particular evening out was marked by the fact that she made an unexpected lunge for my water when the waiter plopped it down on the table, thereby knocking it over all over me. She has perfected this sort of lunging hook grab, which is guaranteed to ensure that whatever she knocks over lands directly in MY lap. Hmmmm.....

...But I love her anyway.

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