Thursday, October 16, 2008

A "piercing" scream

OK, I just took Sofia to the mall and got her ears pierced. Am I...
A. Mean
B. Vain
C. A bad mother
D. All of the above?
She did very well. I premedicated her with baby Tylenol. I asked the girl if we could do both ears at once and she graciously called her manager up in the other store and they did it together to accomodate my request. Sofia let out a piercing scream when they did the deed but she was fine within about 30 seconds. I had a bottle ready to stuff in her mouth and she appeared to have forgotten the insult very quickly. Meanwhile, my stomach was upset and I felt like I was going to throw up for the rest of the afternoon.
By the way, she looks adorable with her cubic zirconia studs and I have vowed out of guilty conscience to buy her a pair of real diamond studs when she's old enough to appreciate them to make up for my cruelty today.
I was emphatic earlier on about not getting Sofia's ears pierced, so why did I change my mind? Well, it basically comes down to keeping up with the Jones'es I'm afraid. Some of the other mommies in my playgroup had their babies' ears pierced and it looked so cute. Also, my sister Val told me that she regretted not getting Kaitlin's done because she is 9 now and she really wants her ears pierced but she keeps chickening out when they get to the mall. So, really, I have saved Sofia from that dreaded apprehension later on. And now, Sofia and Gianna (her closest cousin) can compare their Jezebel adornments whenever they hang out.
When my network administrator/husband/personal photographer gets home from his day job, I will have him take a picture of the new glamour-baby and post it for everyone to see.
P.S. Mom, don't answer the poll at the beginning of this posting. I already know what one you will check.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, I could not let you off without a comment. How about crazy??? I thought you were above keeping up with the Jones'? And by the way, your niece Kaitlin is now 10 going on 11, and not having pierced ears won't be the worse thing which ever happens to her.

Rene' said...

Yay!!! She's ADORABLE!! Love em!!!!