Saturday, October 11, 2008

Helpful sites for Earth-Friendly Moms

Here are a few links to some great sites for those of you who may be interested in alternative diapering solutions.

THis site is where I have purchased all of my cloth diapers except one, an ill-conceived all-in-one diaper that Target sells on its web-store that I decided to try. It was called a Bumpkin and I don't recommend them. They are expensive, bulky, and take forever to dry.

Rhea Bush, the owner of Sunshine Diapers is based out of Gainesville but she sells all different kinds of brands and ships anywhere. I found her to be an invaluable resource in navigating all the options and brands of diapers available these days. I highly recommend the Kissaluvs for newborns and the Thirsties all in one diapers for older babies. I even got some old-fashioned pre-folds (the things that a lot of people use as burp cloths nowadays) for her to wear at night with a diaper cover. When I was about 30 weeks pregnant, Rhea allowed me to come over to her house where she conducted a tutorial on cloth diapering, complete with a Winny the Pooh model to practice on, at her kitchen table.

I also recommend the Charlie's Soap available at Sunshine Diapers for use as a cloth diapering detergent. I use it on all my diapers as well as Sofia's clothes because it has no additives or scent. Apparently, most commerical detergents have a lot of that stuff and it decreases the absorption of the cloth diapers as well as contributing to rashes and irritations of babies since they have sensitive skin. Its VERY cheap and works well on all laundry. Also environmentally friendly (of course).

This is a company that sells a brand new type of "hybrid" diaper, one which I think I am going to switch to for trips and outings since it has a much smaller environmental impact than the traditional disposable diaper. It consists of a cloth diaper cover with a flushable insert that apparently takes only 5 days to decompose (as opposed to the 200-500 year disposables) since it goes into the septic system and not the landfill. Landfills are bad places people. Send as little trash to them as you possibly can, because nothing really biodegrades in those places. Yuck. It is very affordable and was brought to my attention by a fellow night shift nurse who is thinking about having a baby. Here I was, getting all ready to "evangelize" to her about cloth diapers and she ended up schooling me on a totally new option. Go Teresa! Some of you might remember Teresa from my story about the patient who came into the ER with the dead cat under her that wasn't discovered until she got to the ICU. Please read all about it if you have time. Absolutely HI-Larious! And totally true too. All the good things happen while I'm on maternity leave...

Alas, neither of these sites offers any good comic relief like that which is available through (see If you've ever hankered to see a lactating man, check out that post.

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