Wednesday, October 1, 2008

First airplane ride with baby...

OK, here's my checklist for the big long weekend trip that will involve, gulp! A three hour flight from Orlando to Albany.
Sofia's clothes.
Sofia's tubby stuff (towel, baby shampoo, baby lotion, baby soap)
Socks for Sofia (its COLD in New York right now!)
bibs for Sofia (she is eating solids now, makes a mess)
Food for Sofia
A few toys
Sofia's new coat that I got her at Old Navy for the trip
Sofia's carseat (getting checked at the airport)
The camera bag (there's sure to be lots of excellent photo ops of Sofia)
Sofia's baby health kit (with clippers, thermometer and, of course, nose sucker)
Breast pump
Sofia's sling
A pair of jeans and a few shirts for me
A pair of jeans and a few shirts for Hugo
Some socks (its COLD in upstate New York!) for both of us
Ativan for me; enough for before and during the flight, with a special post-flight "decompression" dose
WOW. Who could have thought that Sofia (all 15 pounds of her) could need so much STUFF and Hugo and I could get by with so little?
(I'm freekin out)


Val said...

OK, here is the stuff you don't need to bring: tubby stuff, baby health kit, wipes (just bring a travel pack), toys (I have a huge bin full of baby toys.

Anonymous said...

Ok so what is this with the ativan? I am beginning to think my girls have stock in the stuff!!!!! I would have expected this of Rene but am a little surprised at you!

Lauren Ochoa said...

Just kidding. I only wished I had Ativan. But my doctor thinks that flight anxiety is a legitimate reason to prescribe anxiolytics, so if I wasn't breastfeeding, I probably would have gotten some...