Friday, October 17, 2008

My sister is gonna kill me...

Here is a picture of my nephew Nicholas.

His baby photo is a testament to the tragedy of early childhood obesity.

His parents were guilty of some of the most gratuitous acts of overindulgance that can be perpetrated on a child of his age.

He was diagnosed with childhood diabetes at a very young age.

He appeared on Oprah, screaming "More maymos Mama, More maymos" leaving millions of fans bewildered as to the meaning of the word, Maymos, and what its caloric content might be.

His happy-go-lucky appearance in this photo belies the tragic array of symptoms experienced by infants suffering from his level of obesity...

...Just kidding about all that. Here he is with me looking fit as a fiddle at the age of 5 (we were wearing our Aunt/Nephew matching outfits that day).
Val: please don't disown me. I found that picture of Nicholas as a baby and I couldn't resist. His before and after shots will surely give mothers of pudgy babies the world over hope that their porkers too, will one day grow into slender little men and women.


Kayla's_Mommy said...

You are a mean sister/aunt! LOL! Kidding...Seriously though, I thought you were for real. LOL

Val said...

OMFG!!! Are you kidding me? The only thingthat ever passed that child's lips at that point in his life waspremium, Grade A breast milk. I can't help it if I make the good stuff. :-)

It probably didn't help that he pretty much didn't latch off until he was 1.


(I'll get you back for this one... you just wait)

Anonymous said...

Ok so I was reading this one and scratching my head since it is your sister who is always depriving me of my grandmotherly right to spoil said child with candy and such!