Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sofia's Personality

OK, so I went to this postpartum group luncheon yesterday and we heard a speaker who is an ARNP and BCLC (Board Certified Lactation Consultant) who said that a baby's temperment (AKA personality) is evident right from birth and will affect the way the child makes his or her way through life. So I thought I would examine Sofia from a temperment point of view and see if I could pinpoint some personality traits that I see in her at this early stage (3 and a half months). Then, someday when she's a big girl, I can compare my predictions with how she really is. It seems fairly harmless, so why not?
First of all, it must be said that Sofia may not be the most ambitious of girls when she grows up. She values the enjoyment of life far too much. Not that she won't achieve great things, but just that she will wait for fate to point out her direction in life rather than pursuing some gain for the sake of glory and fame.
Liked by all, she will value the importance of a few best friends over popularity.
She will always enjoy a nice afternoon nap.
She will be a lover of food, particularly dessert.
She will enjoy activities over competitive sports.
Her sense of humor will see her through many a difficult situation.
Her quiet determination will see her through many a challenge.
She will always wake up in a good mood (unlike her mother).
She will find extreme joy in sensory experiences like massage, pedicures and getting her hair done (unlike her mother).
She will be very, ahem, regular, (again, unlike her mother).
She will love to play by herself, and her imagination will be her favorite toy.
Her smile will be easily obtained; her respect much more difficult to come by.
She will prefer a nice relaxing nighttime bath over a quick morning shower.
She will be intensely aware of the world around her, sometimes preferring quiet observation over quick participation.
Her quiet intensity may often be falsely perceived as aloofness.
OK, so now if my baby grows up to be an extroverted soccer playing sorority sister, we will know I was really barking up the wrong tree. And if anyone thinks that I'm just going to bring her up in such a way as to train her to agree with my predictions, I'd like to know how they think I'm going to train her not to ever get constipated. I'd like to try that move on myself.

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Val said...

You forgot- "She will always enjoy posing for her favorite Auntie Val's ever present camera"