Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sofia Sweetness

Oh, Sofia, How do I love thee? Let me count the ways...
I love it when you grin. It is so friggin cute I just can't describe it without profanity.
I love when your hair sticks up straight, especially when you just finished nursing and one side of your hair is all wet and sweaty and stuck to your head and the top is all sticking up.
I love how when you were born everyone said your blue eyes would turn brown (since you have a Colombian daddy and all) and instead they just got bluer and bluer. You're a nonconformist like that.
I love how you are starting to talk and clearly understand every word I say to you even though you're only 13 weeks old.
I love your fat little chunky thighs. Pure breastfed indulgences those thighs are...
I love your smell. Even when its been about 4 days since your last tubbies and you have a funny sour milk smell coming from the rolls in your neck. Even then.
I love, love, love the little noises you make when you are nursing. So appreciative.Keep making those noises and I will continue to nurse you until you're 18.
I love how soft and smushy your cheeks are. I love to kiss them and keep kissing them until I start to feel like a child molester. Then I stop.
I love how you get just a tiny bit fussy whenever anyone else holds you but me (daddy and Aunty Val don't count).
I love when I'm not paying any attention to you and suddenly I realize you're staring at me and have the cutest little grin on your face, as though watching your poor uncollected mommy is somehow infinitely amusing to you already.
I love how you seem to understand that I'm new at this so you're going easy on me (there's just no other explanation for how good you are, except that you're obviously an angel).
I love how you start licking your lips whenever you look at me, as though I resemble nothing so much as a giant Ben and Jerry's Chubby Hubby ice cream cone to your gorgeous little milk drunk eyes. I'm only kidding when I make the Jaws theme music sound. I don't really see you as a predator of any sort.
I love how you get exponentially cuter every single day.
I love how I simultaneously want 6 more babies just like you while at the same time I don't ever want to have another one because I can't possibly love it as much as you...
I love how people look enviously at me in the grocery store while staring at their own 2 and 3 year old brats while I sanguinely push you around in all your adorable three month old glory.
Last but not least, I love you because, as the pioneer woman says so profoundly, I grew you in my womb.

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Anonymous said...

Could someone please tell me who the Pioneer woman is? I am so jealous after reading this blog because I cannot partake of Sofia's cuteness everyday! Love to you all, Mom

ps: Have you thought of taking on a second career as a writer?